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Firstly, thank you for visiting my site and my babes!

I’m a young entrepreneur from Barcelona who believes in the power of having dreams fighting to making them come true. This is the story of my life. Being passionate about what I’m doing, gives me the strength to keep walking on this fascinating sector: Fashion. I firmly believe that this is an art in which you need muses, inspiration, creativity and lots of excitement to create unique, timeless pieces each of them containing small parts of your soul. Thinking of when a painter offers part of it’s essential being to it’s paintings or a photographer to it’s pictures; they are unique crafted pieces of art, designed with love and manufactured manually by professionals who are real artists.

After 7 years working in the fashion industry for two of the biggest fast-fashion players worldwide, I realised that the fashion sector was going too fast. The wheel was getting bigger and bigger and growing at an unprecedented speed that rased away everything that came in its way. That is why I was eager to launch my own brand that would defend the slow fashion values: SOFÍA URIACH.

I would love to take you in my new journey!

Sofía Uriach


SOFÍA URIACH’s soul are tose 70’s Rock & Roll bands which inspires to create each collection and model. As you probably noticed. SOFÍA URIACH aims to make a tribute to all these bands who reflect rebellion and fire by naming the main pieces after their names, which convey the spirit of each rock group and are, therefore, the soul of each brand. My bags are the components of my group, brand SOFÍA URIACH.


My designs are timeless, following the standards of Slow Fashion, working with local suppliers with the best quality leather. My aim is to stop the need for continuous fashion seasons in this sector with the concept of #NoMoreSeasons. The reason to promote “Buy Eternal” is so that each person who acquires one of SOFÍA URIACH’s bags can feel that there’s no need to rotate product per season. These are bags of premium quality and design that can be worn permanently and can last forever.  


On the other hand, the women who inspire me are strong, brave and independent. They don’t care about other people opinions and they have a daily self-improvement attitude, ready to take on the world.  

Discover the SOFÍA URIACH’s soul and bring the revel in you by using this timeless accessories!


It’s difficult to find people who believe in you when you are starting a project like this. All my suppliers are what make SOFIA URIACH’s products as unique as they are.

Every supplier operates locally, including the leather suppliers, the metallic hardware suppliers, the leather workshops, the packaging suppliers and the web programmers. By doing this I’m hoping to empower my country’s economy, and to bring my own contribution through a responsibly sourced business.

Our locally-sourced product stocks guarantee the highest quality final products, taking also into consideration that Spain is known for being one of the best regions to source and work with leather.

I also guarantee that all leathers used come from cows and goats as a reminder product from the meat and dairy industries, that otherwise would be disposed. I am totally against the use of fur and exotic leathers, which come from animals  which are bred and killed mainly for their fur.

Our aim is also to reduce the amount of plastic used in our packaging in order to minimize the damage caused in our environment, using sustainable materials to do so.

Thank you and we couldn’t do it without all of them!

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